Senin, 05 Desember 2016

HokBen Launches Special Menu Chicken Steak

While the rupiah in a weakened state, menu HokBen it wants to strengthen its presence in the market of the restaurant industry.

Through the menu a new flagship and Orignal Hot Chicken Steak Chicken Steak according Marketing & communicaton Group Head PT Eka Bogainti, Fransisca Lucky in the activities of food testing the latest menu on Wednesday (07/10/2015), remain optimistic in facing the current economic siituasi.

Special menu mainstay HokBen chicken steak in a roasted chicken flavor combined with typical Japanese spice glaze comes in two flavors each and Original Hot Chicken Steak Chicken Steak.

The menu is said Fransisca already present in 150 outlets HokBen scattered across the country with each price excluding tax for Original Chicken Steak with a price of USD 29 546 depending Rp 30.45 for Hot Chicken Steak.

HokBen new name dar Hoka Hoka Bento managed by PT Eka Bogainti by Fransisca until today still use herbs imported about 20 percent.

Although they had to use imported spices Fransisca said, HokBen still will not raise prices, but there are some strategies that we use in order to keep the selling price of our products, among others efficiency in some parts of the company.

Senin, 28 November 2016

Skin Care entrusted with Ever E Early

Women always want to have a healthy and beautiful skin, young, adult even higher age also want to look beautiful. I used to not pay attention to the health of my skin, because for me it was only for women who have started to enter the high age and wrinkles. But I was wrong, the skin is the largest and outermost parts of our body, from the skin of the people can judge us because in general women with healthy skin, clean, and smooth reflect women with heart and personality were also good.

I began looking for articles on how to care for healthy skin and look beautiful. Lotions and beauty products to treat the skin from the outside is very helpful but eating nutritious foods, fruits and vegetables and consume the juice and vitamin E to nourish the skin from within is the natural way that is much more important to get beautiful skin dream,

I'm confused should consume vitamin E as anything, for fear of dependency and contain chemicals that actually make biscuits to be ugly. Until I saw my mama consume Ever E. Initially I thought Ever E only for older people, it turns out my sister also eat Ever E. After sharing the beauty of the skin and benefits Ever E with them I got interested and trying Ever wonder during this E. their skin healthy, soft and does not dull when they were overworked under the sun. I started to consume Ever E and consume healthy foods jjuga, outstanding benefits for my skin Ever E ..

After Ever E regularly consume one capsule every day, my skin began to differ, ranging from black stains on my skin, skin tone dull, dry skin and flaking slightly due to dry all be gone one by one. Now my skin more radiant and soft, looks much healthier.

I feel great, E Ever since taking all my skin problem is resolved. The price is very affordable with great benefits and family made me more loyal to consume harga Ever E. Many of my friends who have the same skin problems and now they have also begun to consume Ever E.

One lesson I learned from my mom and my brother, taking care of the skin does not have to wait until high wrinkles and age, it is better to treat the skin from an early age to keep skin healthy and beautiful manicured. Thank Ever E, solve all the problems of my skin naturally.

Kamis, 17 November 2016

Honda CBR 150 R Best Motorcycle Clothing Holds 2016 Version FORWOT

Journalists Forum Automotive (FORWOT) were held FORWOT Motorcycle of the Year (FMY) 7th time has decided the winner. harga Honda CBR 150 R bekas manages to be harbored some other products.

FORWOT annual activities is expected to contribute through recommendations to the two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers as an evaluation in order to produce the best products. Well be a barometer for the community in terms of choosing a motorcycle as needed.

Chairman FORWOT Indra Prabowo said the process of assessing the Best Motorcycle in 2016 involved 25 jury made up of automotive journalists in Indonesia. Motorcycles are considered a motor that was launched and marketed during the period August 2015 - September 2016.

"There are 14 Motorcycles are netted in the selection, then selected the five finalists of the most favored by the jury. For this year, the All New Honda CBR150R comes out as a Motorcycle Best 2016," said Indra Prabowo in Jakarta, Friday (11/4/2016 ).

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of Corporate Communication Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Ahmad Muhibbuddin receiving the award said, "I followed every year this award, I am sure options are based on the records independently. Of course this award is very beneficial for harga motor Honda, and we are very appreciate the award has been given to our products. "

Trailed CBR 150 R, All New Beat managed to occupy the second position followed by Yamaha Xabre. The next position is filled by Kawasaki D-Tracker X and Satria F 150 with the gain the same points.

Results Achievements Points:

CBR 150 R 149

All new Beat 136

Yamaha Xabre 134

Kawasaki D-Tracker X 116

Satria F 150  116

Minggu, 25 September 2016

Lovers Honda Beat Follow Events Fun Rally

A total of 1,400 Honda Beat motorcycle enthusiasts in the country are following the events Fun Rally All New Beat ESP 2016 that lasted 20 days until September 30, 2016.

Activities initiated by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in cooperation with the main network of 27 dealers throughout Indonesia was followed by 28 community and lovers of Honda Beat Honda 28 partner schools participated in that activity.

Participants Fun Rally All New Beat ESP consists of students, consumers, and community-led Honda Beat Captain Solo road convoy visit various city parks exist in all the host cities.

Augustine Indraputra, General Manager of Marketing Planning & Analysis Division AHM, says the event is a forum for consumers lovers Honda Beat establish a relationship and exchange information.

"We want to always be able to accompany customers in their activities, including the Honda Beat lovers majority are young people," he said on Thursday

According to him, various activities undertaken to strengthen the relationship and enjoy a city park in their respective areas, as well as providing road safety education to the community and students.

Participants can enjoy city parks using Honda Beat them to continue to promote safety riding so that it remains orderly and does not interfere with other road users.

He explained that the participants are also challenged to work together and set up a strategy to solve the challenges of the games in groups, then compete for the title in the final battle and the various attractive prizes.

In addition to games, he added, the students are given education and community safety related drive as well as a chance to feel the sensation of riding straight All New Honda harga Beat bekas  ESP through riding test.

Senin, 08 Februari 2016

Collective Makeup & Beauty Pixy

Collective Makeup & Beauty Pixy - Hi everyone, it's me again. I'm using Bahasa today because some of things in this Pixy are popular in Western. and I feel more comfortable to share this Pixy with Bahasa especially for my Indonesian subbies so if you want to know more or if you want to buy the same thing it will be more understandable using Bahasa so without more rambling, let's get started! so the first thing that I bought this brush this is from Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki F the reason I prefer this brush better than the F because for me this brush is very multi functional.

it can be use for foundation, cream contour, also can be used for blending concealer so this brush is worthier to buy than the F which is the best seller next I also bought another brush from Sigma  this the Shader Crease E the shape is like this this is small and very suitable for blending on crease  because I have a crease that's hard to blend when using bigger blending brush Next, it's from Tarte this is The Buffer this brush is very dense and I'm looking for a dense brush indeed because I don't have a dense brush and many of my powder brush has a soft hair so that's the reason why I bought this it can used for foundation, bronzer,  also can be used for powder Again, it's a multi functional brush and it's very similar to Pro Bonzer from Sephora the size and texture are very similar but I prefer to buy this one Next, it's from BH Cosmetics this one is the Color Palette Eyeshadow I bought it in the matte finishing I just want to complete the colors that I don't have  and it's very multi functional so if you need some colors that other palettes don't have, this palette will complete it.  also came up with sponge brushes and I got discount when I bought it usually it's $ but I got it in $ so it's worth it to buy. Next, what I bought is....

this the Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous Foundation most of you might already know about this product this a veryyyyy good foundation i'm not gonna lie I'm wearing this right now the texture is very soft it's very silky  aaaand the only bad thing is because the texture is silky, so the product is too wet. so it's a little bit runny.  but it's very great and I've no problem with that. for me, the coverage is light to medium but it's a buildable coverage. Though, it's a little bit pricey,  but it's very worth it to buy. next, I bought this this is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation This is a powder foundation For me, it's not a full coverage, because powder always tend to get lighter than foundation but because I almost run out my Benefit powder, and I want to try another powder, so I bought this one. because I already tried in Sephora, and it's good indeed.

It's not because I really love Tarte,  I'm not that person who is so into Tarte but most of Tarte products that I bought, are very friendly to my skin. Next, I bought this Make Up For Ever  Step Skin EqualiZer. Mine is in number , which is the smoothing primer. I bought this because I already bought the Mattifying months ago, but I don't know why, the mattifying makes my skin around my nose dry I don't like it.  because it flakes off my skin. That's why I try this one, the sample when I tried it at Sephora, luckily it's not make my skin dry. and it makes the skin smooth.  This is from Caudalie, Beauty Elixir It is a face spray. Used before applying moisturizer why I always buy a sample size,  is because I want to try it first. And if it's suitable for my skin, I will repurchase it. But if it's not good to my skin, I wouldn't waste my money buying a sample size.  I already tried this in Singapore, it has like a minty feeling in your face and it's very refreshing, especially in the morning. The main function is to smoothing and glowing our skin but I haven't feel the functions yet.  maybe because I just used it recently, but it's very refreshing and it's a cooling sensation for face. It's very compatible for morning day, if you're still sleepy, it's instantly makes you cool.

Next, I bought this this is an eye cream from Simple Regeneration Age Resisting  the main ingredient is green tea but actually whatever eye cream I use, it would never make my dark circles gone. but it's better for me to use it so I bought it. and I haven't buy eye cream for this several months because I haven't had time to buy it. So I bought it and give it a little try. let's see the result soon.... If you want to know my skincare,  please comment down below so I can know it. Next, it's also from Simple it's a multi vitamins facial wipes. There are two other facial wipes, but I forget the others' name. The reason why I bought this, because it is for a sensitive skin. Actually my skin is not that sensitive,  but some products has bad reaction to my skin. Sometimes, it makes my skin very dry or oily. Therefore, I always try products for a sensitive skin. Next, I bought this from Boscia, it is a charcoal pore minimizing hydrogel mask, can used once. Made from Charcoal. I liked to use Glamglow that also made from Charcoal formerly, I really loved that. But because is a little bit pricey, and I found other mask, which is also good, and I found this mask, so I want to try it.

Next I bought this mask that I previously mentioned, which already replace Glamglow, it is Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. The reason why I bought the small size  is because Lush's products are always fresh, so it couldn't stay longer, and I bought the smaller size, so I would not waste the product. Because when I bought the bigger size, I ended up not finishing the product. The main ingredient is peppermint, and I don't know why, everytime I use this, I feel like my skin looks very brighter. And my dark spots are diminish. So I really LOVE using this mask, and whenever I use it, it always makes my skin cool because of the peppermint. So it's very worth it to try, and I really LOVE it ) Next, I bought this... It is very similar with the Tangle Teezer I bought it from Cotton On, and the price is way cheaper than the Teezer one. Although, the one from Teezer is made from rubber, and this one is not. But it works just the same, it's very refining our hair. Our hair doesn't feel tangled anymore ) Next I bought a dry shampoo from Batiste, a lot of you definitely know this.

I bought in the Floral & Flirty Blush scent.  I also bought the cherry scent once,  but for me that one smells too sweet for hair,  so I prefer to buy this one  it's more like a fragrant smell.  Next, I bought this from OGX Beauty,  this is the Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner,  I already tried it in Singapore,  It's not bad to make the hair smooth,  but I prefer the one I'm using right now,  the Keratin Oil,  the Keratin Oil really makes my hair smooth,  since I have a coarse and volumed hair.  But it also worth it to try,  and if you want to try, go ahead.  If you need a review for OGX's product,  just comment down below so I can make it for you. Last but not least, this is not a beauty or makeup product, but I want to recommend it for you.  It's Hollywood Stain Removing Pen, If you're going to hang out, and sometimes you spill your drink or food to your cloth, this thing is very important to have, because it could clear up the stain.

Just push the product to the cloth, and rub it with the tip of the product. And for me it's very useful, because when we're hanging out and our cloth is unclean, it makes everything uncomfortable. so I bought this, and I put in my cosmetic bag. So that's all of the things that I want to share in this Pixy, I hope it's useful for you who looking for a short review about these products that I share.  So it's useful for you if you want to buy the same product, and you can know the good and bad thing about that product. And I want to apologize,  Harga Pixy because today I should be uploading Halloween Series, but because a product for the series is out of stock everywhere, and I just order it yesterday whereas I have to upload series today, so because I haven't get the thing yet,  I will continue the Halloween Series next week, and I will make one more video before Halloween. So stay tune to my Halloween Series in my channel, and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel,  and I'll see you in my next video, byeeee!

Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016

Harga Make Up wardah, Fragrance Wardah, Bath & Body Wardah

Harga Make Up wardah, Fragrance Wardah, Bath & Body Wardah - Merk ini adalah satu diantara brand terkenal serta terpercaya yang berskala internasional dalam bagian kecantikan. Wardah telah berdiri mulai sejak tahunn 1995 di bagian kecantikan yang begitu memberikan inspirasi sampai sekarang ini. Perkembangan tehnologi serta zaman senantiasa diiukuti, untuk tetaplah memberi hasil yang baik serta memuaskan untuk beberapa wanita didunia.

Perkembangan tehnologi serta zaman memanglah senantiasa diikuti perubahannya, tetapi Wardah tetaplah tak meninggalkan nilai budaya Timur yang santun.

Untuk wardah cantik itu bukan sekedar untuk badan, namun juga untuk jiwa. Jadi cantik, bisa dikerjakan oleh siapa saja, Tetapi tak semuanya wanita bisa cantik dengan kosmetik yang memiliki bahan basic alami. Wardah mempunyai 3 prinsip dalam usahanya, yakni : ‘pure and safe’, yang bermakna semuanya bahan basic kosmetik Wardah memiliki bahan basic alami serta tak beresiko. ‘Beauty expert’, yang bermakna Wardah menginginkan jadikan semuanya wanita didunia cantik dengan cara optimal serta alami. Serta yang paling akhir ‘Inspiring beauty’, yang bermakna Wardah inginkan kecantikan dari wardah bakal memberikan inspirasi beberapa orang.

Dengan Wardah Insyaallah Tampak Awet Muda

Tampilan muka yang glowing, didapat dari inner beauty, kulit yang sehat serta riasan yang membuat cantik muka. Dapatkan kecantikan sejatimu denganTidur yang berkwalitas bertindak dalam sistem anti aging. Sisakan saat 6-8 jam dalam satu hari untuk beristirahat dengan tenang serta nyaman. Ketika tertidur nyenyak, sistem pergantian sel di semuanya badan berjalan, serta waktu tersebut juga berlangsung sistem detoksifikasi sebagian toksin yang ada di badan.

Aspek stress yaitu satu diantara penyebabnya penuaan awal pada kulit. Aspek ini mengakibatkan badan tak relaks serta metabolisme badan tak lancar. Satu diantara pemecahannya yaitu dengan tetaplah memikirkan positif di segalanya. Diluar itu, rilekskan badan dengan lakukan me-time atau cukup hanya aroma-aroma yang menghidupkan mood. Sebagian aroma yang bisa bikin badan jadi santai yaitu lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, serta rose. Pakai Wardah Lavender Body Butter atau Rose Body Butter untuk dampak relaksasi sekalian untuk menolong melembabkan kulit.

Berikut harga wardah update terbaru :
Compact Powder - Rp 37.000
Blush On - Rp 37.500
Double Function Kit - Rp 43.500
Eyeliner Pencil - Rp 40.000
Eyebrow Pencil - Rp 30.000
Eyeliner Liquid - Rp 50.000
Eyeshadow - Rp 39.000
Lipgloss - Rp 24.000
Hydrogloss - Rp 28.500
Lip Palette - Rp 55.000
Long Lasting Lipstik - Rp 40.000
Exclusive Lipstik - Rp 33.000
Creamy Foundation Extra Cover - Rp 32.000
Creamy Foundation Light Feel - 31.000
Luminous Face Powder - Rp 33.000
Luminous Liquid Foundation - Rp 32.000
Luminous Two Way Cake - Rp 41.000
Make Up Remover - Rp Rp. 26.500
Matte Lipstick - Rp 28.500
Perfect Longlash Curling Mascara - Rp 70.000
Profesional Make Up Kit - Rp 700.000
Special Edition Make Up Kit - Rp 375.000
Spon TWC - Rp 10.000
Wondershine - Rp 31.000
Refill Compact Powder - Rp 27.500
Refill Luminous Face Powder - Rp 18.000
Refill Luminous Two Way Cake - Rp 28.500

Kamis, 23 April 2015

Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Terbaru

Salah satu yang paling sukses di merek pasar smartphone di India , Samsung Galaxy memiliki toko ponsel secara teratur diperbarui dengan fitur terbaru dan spesifikasi . Jika ia adalah sebuah layar sentuh yang sangat baik atau versi terbaru dari sistem operasi Android , yang merupakan kamera yang sangat canggih atau slot memori yang dapat diupgrade . Samsung Galaxy ponsel telah menjadi solusi unik untuk setiap eksekutif yang bekerja atau pengusaha , yang harus banyak bepergian . harga Samsung Galaxy telah di tangan dorongan ego dari sebanyak ponsel pintar menawarkan banyak fitur dan manfaat .

Sejak 2009, Samsung Galaxy telah mengambil pasar ponsel oleh badai ; satu per satu , telah meluncurkan seri ponsel pintar performa tinggi untuk konsumen India . Dari pertama Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S5 , telah ada lebih dari 65 seri ponsel Samsung Galaxy . Selain fitur yang luar biasa , ponsel ini memiliki keunggulan lain , dan itu adalah harga dari Samsung Galaxy masuk Dengan daftar harga yang terjangkau , Samsung Galaxy telah menjadi pemain tak terkalahkan di arena smartphone

Daftar Harga HP Samsung Galaxy Terbaru

Samsung S 5300 Galaxy Pocket Rp 700.000 Rp 550.000
Samsung S6102 Galaxy Y Duos - Rp 800.000
Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 Rp 800.000 Rp 650.000
Samsung B5330 Galaxy Chat Rp 1.100.000 Rp 800.000
Samsung Galaxy Young S6310 Rp 1.225.000 Rp 900.000
Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 Rp 1.475.000 Rp 950.000
Samsung Galaxy Fame S6810 Rp 1.650.000 Rp 1.400.000
Samsung S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus Rp 1.700.000 Rp 1.250.000
Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace Duos Rp 1.700.000 Rp 1.300.000
Samsung I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 Rp 2.100.000 Rp 1.500.000
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 3G GT S7270 Rp 2.150.000 -
Samsung Galaxy Infinite SCH I759 Rp 2.150.000 Rp 1.700.000
Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance - Rp 2.350.000
Samsung Galaxy Core Duos I8262 Rp 2.695.000 Rp 2.300.000
Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III Mini Rp 2.750.000 Rp 2.250.000
Samsung I9082 Galaxy Grand Rp 3.300.000 Rp 2.750.000
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9152 Rp 3.725.000 Rp 3.200.000
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9190 Rp 4.700.000 Rp 4.250.000
Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 Rp 4.700.000 Rp 4.300.000
Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam Rp 4.750.000 Rp 4.000.000
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom C101 Rp 5.125.000 Rp 4.650.000
Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III Rp 5.175.000 Rp 4.450.000
Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II Rp 5.700.000 Rp 5.200.000
Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Rp 6.350.000 Rp 5.900.000
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 Rp 7.900.000 Rp 7.300.000
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I Rp 7.975.000 Rp 7.450.000