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Collective Makeup & Beauty Pixy

Collective Makeup & Beauty Pixy - Hi everyone, it's me again. I'm using Bahasa today because some of things in this Pixy are popular in Western. and I feel more comfortable to share this Pixy with Bahasa especially for my Indonesian subbies so if you want to know more or if you want to buy the same thing it will be more understandable using Bahasa so without more rambling, let's get started! so the first thing that I bought this brush this is from Sigma Flat Angled Kabuki F the reason I prefer this brush better than the F because for me this brush is very multi functional.

it can be use for foundation, cream contour, also can be used for blending concealer so this brush is worthier to buy than the F which is the best seller next I also bought another brush from Sigma  this the Shader Crease E the shape is like this this is small and very suitable for blending on crease  because I have a crease that's hard to blend when using bigger blending brush Next, it's from Tarte this is The Buffer this brush is very dense and I'm looking for a dense brush indeed because I don't have a dense brush and many of my powder brush has a soft hair so that's the reason why I bought this it can used for foundation, bronzer,  also can be used for powder Again, it's a multi functional brush and it's very similar to Pro Bonzer from Sephora the size and texture are very similar but I prefer to buy this one Next, it's from BH Cosmetics this one is the Color Palette Eyeshadow I bought it in the matte finishing I just want to complete the colors that I don't have  and it's very multi functional so if you need some colors that other palettes don't have, this palette will complete it.  also came up with sponge brushes and I got discount when I bought it usually it's $ but I got it in $ so it's worth it to buy. Next, what I bought is....

this the Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous Foundation most of you might already know about this product this a veryyyyy good foundation i'm not gonna lie I'm wearing this right now the texture is very soft it's very silky  aaaand the only bad thing is because the texture is silky, so the product is too wet. so it's a little bit runny.  but it's very great and I've no problem with that. for me, the coverage is light to medium but it's a buildable coverage. Though, it's a little bit pricey,  but it's very worth it to buy. next, I bought this this is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation This is a powder foundation For me, it's not a full coverage, because powder always tend to get lighter than foundation but because I almost run out my Benefit powder, and I want to try another powder, so I bought this one. because I already tried in Sephora, and it's good indeed.

It's not because I really love Tarte,  I'm not that person who is so into Tarte but most of Tarte products that I bought, are very friendly to my skin. Next, I bought this Make Up For Ever  Step Skin EqualiZer. Mine is in number , which is the smoothing primer. I bought this because I already bought the Mattifying months ago, but I don't know why, the mattifying makes my skin around my nose dry I don't like it.  because it flakes off my skin. That's why I try this one, the sample when I tried it at Sephora, luckily it's not make my skin dry. and it makes the skin smooth.  This is from Caudalie, Beauty Elixir It is a face spray. Used before applying moisturizer why I always buy a sample size,  is because I want to try it first. And if it's suitable for my skin, I will repurchase it. But if it's not good to my skin, I wouldn't waste my money buying a sample size.  I already tried this in Singapore, it has like a minty feeling in your face and it's very refreshing, especially in the morning. The main function is to smoothing and glowing our skin but I haven't feel the functions yet.  maybe because I just used it recently, but it's very refreshing and it's a cooling sensation for face. It's very compatible for morning day, if you're still sleepy, it's instantly makes you cool.

Next, I bought this this is an eye cream from Simple Regeneration Age Resisting  the main ingredient is green tea but actually whatever eye cream I use, it would never make my dark circles gone. but it's better for me to use it so I bought it. and I haven't buy eye cream for this several months because I haven't had time to buy it. So I bought it and give it a little try. let's see the result soon.... If you want to know my skincare,  please comment down below so I can know it. Next, it's also from Simple it's a multi vitamins facial wipes. There are two other facial wipes, but I forget the others' name. The reason why I bought this, because it is for a sensitive skin. Actually my skin is not that sensitive,  but some products has bad reaction to my skin. Sometimes, it makes my skin very dry or oily. Therefore, I always try products for a sensitive skin. Next, I bought this from Boscia, it is a charcoal pore minimizing hydrogel mask, can used once. Made from Charcoal. I liked to use Glamglow that also made from Charcoal formerly, I really loved that. But because is a little bit pricey, and I found other mask, which is also good, and I found this mask, so I want to try it.

Next I bought this mask that I previously mentioned, which already replace Glamglow, it is Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. The reason why I bought the small size  is because Lush's products are always fresh, so it couldn't stay longer, and I bought the smaller size, so I would not waste the product. Because when I bought the bigger size, I ended up not finishing the product. The main ingredient is peppermint, and I don't know why, everytime I use this, I feel like my skin looks very brighter. And my dark spots are diminish. So I really LOVE using this mask, and whenever I use it, it always makes my skin cool because of the peppermint. So it's very worth it to try, and I really LOVE it ) Next, I bought this... It is very similar with the Tangle Teezer I bought it from Cotton On, and the price is way cheaper than the Teezer one. Although, the one from Teezer is made from rubber, and this one is not. But it works just the same, it's very refining our hair. Our hair doesn't feel tangled anymore ) Next I bought a dry shampoo from Batiste, a lot of you definitely know this.

I bought in the Floral & Flirty Blush scent.  I also bought the cherry scent once,  but for me that one smells too sweet for hair,  so I prefer to buy this one  it's more like a fragrant smell.  Next, I bought this from OGX Beauty,  this is the Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner,  I already tried it in Singapore,  It's not bad to make the hair smooth,  but I prefer the one I'm using right now,  the Keratin Oil,  the Keratin Oil really makes my hair smooth,  since I have a coarse and volumed hair.  But it also worth it to try,  and if you want to try, go ahead.  If you need a review for OGX's product,  just comment down below so I can make it for you. Last but not least, this is not a beauty or makeup product, but I want to recommend it for you.  It's Hollywood Stain Removing Pen, If you're going to hang out, and sometimes you spill your drink or food to your cloth, this thing is very important to have, because it could clear up the stain.

Just push the product to the cloth, and rub it with the tip of the product. And for me it's very useful, because when we're hanging out and our cloth is unclean, it makes everything uncomfortable. so I bought this, and I put in my cosmetic bag. So that's all of the things that I want to share in this Pixy, I hope it's useful for you who looking for a short review about these products that I share.  So it's useful for you if you want to buy the same product, and you can know the good and bad thing about that product. And I want to apologize,  Harga Pixy because today I should be uploading Halloween Series, but because a product for the series is out of stock everywhere, and I just order it yesterday whereas I have to upload series today, so because I haven't get the thing yet,  I will continue the Halloween Series next week, and I will make one more video before Halloween. So stay tune to my Halloween Series in my channel, and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel,  and I'll see you in my next video, byeeee!

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