Kamis, 17 November 2016

Honda CBR 150 R Best Motorcycle Clothing Holds 2016 Version FORWOT

Journalists Forum Automotive (FORWOT) were held FORWOT Motorcycle of the Year (FMY) 7th time has decided the winner. harga Honda CBR 150 R bekas manages to be harbored some other products.

FORWOT annual activities is expected to contribute through recommendations to the two-wheeled vehicle manufacturers as an evaluation in order to produce the best products. Well be a barometer for the community in terms of choosing a motorcycle as needed.

Chairman FORWOT Indra Prabowo said the process of assessing the Best Motorcycle in 2016 involved 25 jury made up of automotive journalists in Indonesia. Motorcycles are considered a motor that was launched and marketed during the period August 2015 - September 2016.

"There are 14 Motorcycles are netted in the selection, then selected the five finalists of the most favored by the jury. For this year, the All New Honda CBR150R comes out as a Motorcycle Best 2016," said Indra Prabowo in Jakarta, Friday (11/4/2016 ).

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of Corporate Communication Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Ahmad Muhibbuddin receiving the award said, "I followed every year this award, I am sure options are based on the records independently. Of course this award is very beneficial for harga motor Honda, and we are very appreciate the award has been given to our products. "

Trailed CBR 150 R, All New Beat managed to occupy the second position followed by Yamaha Xabre. The next position is filled by Kawasaki D-Tracker X and Satria F 150 with the gain the same points.

Results Achievements Points:

CBR 150 R 149

All new Beat 136

Yamaha Xabre 134

Kawasaki D-Tracker X 116

Satria F 150  116

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