Senin, 05 Desember 2016

HokBen Launches Special Menu Chicken Steak

While the rupiah in a weakened state, menu HokBen it wants to strengthen its presence in the market of the restaurant industry.

Through the menu a new flagship and Orignal Hot Chicken Steak Chicken Steak according Marketing & communicaton Group Head PT Eka Bogainti, Fransisca Lucky in the activities of food testing the latest menu on Wednesday (07/10/2015), remain optimistic in facing the current economic siituasi.

Special menu mainstay HokBen chicken steak in a roasted chicken flavor combined with typical Japanese spice glaze comes in two flavors each and Original Hot Chicken Steak Chicken Steak.

The menu is said Fransisca already present in 150 outlets HokBen scattered across the country with each price excluding tax for Original Chicken Steak with a price of USD 29 546 depending Rp 30.45 for Hot Chicken Steak.

HokBen new name dar Hoka Hoka Bento managed by PT Eka Bogainti by Fransisca until today still use herbs imported about 20 percent.

Although they had to use imported spices Fransisca said, HokBen still will not raise prices, but there are some strategies that we use in order to keep the selling price of our products, among others efficiency in some parts of the company.

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